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MICKLE Audio Equipment Is an intergrated corporation that works on the business of professional sound and lighting system. We developed with a mission to expertize in research, manufacturing and distribution of mixing console, sound cards, sound-card mixer. Our main advantage is pre-amp level adjustments, and voice quality deterimination. We offer design services and technical consultation, one-stop service for free to all partners. 

Our working area contains 13,000 square meters, includesone factory, sale office, researching area, and stock warehouse. Customers can listen to the products in demo rooms have a hands on experience on our professional facilities and equipments. 

Our famous product series is the power mixer series, which is budget-friendly with both mixer and amplifier included, is our first choice in most of the budget-situation, but still with a strong perfornances because of its power, which eventually could be seen mostly everywhere in most of the budget situation such as in churchs, bar, and etc. 


Thank you for choosing Amixs. 


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