◆ 20 input channels, 16 mono balanced input +2 stereo channel input
◆ Intuitive operation interface, function one click open into
◆ Equipped with digital equalizer EQ, digital voltage limit, electronic gain, Bluetooth
◆ USB interface: recording, reading, saving and playback
◆ PC USB 2.0 interface: Support Mac or PC system connection and built-in sound card recording
◆ LAN network interface: remote control or expansion through Ethernet cable connection
◆ GPIO interface: Further expansion through integration with other GPIO devices
◆ Support 24-bit/192KHz HD recording
◆ 7-inch touch LCD color screen and 9 small LED lens control knobs,adjust the functional parameters
◆ Built-in double 24 kinds of 24Bit DSP parameter adjustable effect(and 40 kinds of custom effect mode)
◆ 15 scene modes can be used freely (can be covered, can be reset)
◆ FBX anti-whistling, with Quality Factor, Sensitivity adjustment
◆ AES /MAIN/SUB/AUX/MONITOR and other external Settings interface
◆ 100mm high precision level attenuation electric fader

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