New digital mixer not only guarantees excellent sound quality, ease of operation and high reliability, but also has a high degree of expansion Malleability and enough flexibility, can be adjusted according to different application scenarios and preferences for a variety of configurations, and supportHolds a wide range of sound environments.

As the digital age changes, this digital mixer is cross-platform for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS devices Compatibility, you can connect the mixer WIFI/hot spot signal through the mobile phone, tablet, computer, or remote control to connect the console to the computer through the network cable for remote control.

With the user rights management system can open different functional permissions and presets for different users, to maximize the avoidanceThe accident caused by misoperation when many people use.Coupled with a powerful set of features, advanced operability and its intuitive user interface are built on a flexible surface configurationAn interface that reflects your workflow and mixes styles, making it suitable for streaming and music production, from live performancesMixing, concert performance, song and dance hall, music screening hall amplification, stage performance amplification, live audio program recording, etcA big step forward in multi-application environments.

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