◆ Ultra-low noise 8 inputs
◆ Coordinate auxiliary return input, convenient for connecting external devices
◆ Multiple groups of auxiliary outputs(main output/monitor/AUX/group/lotus output, etc.)
◆ Low Cut, 4-band equalization
◆ Dual effects (EFF1/2), AFS automatic feedback suppression
◆ 2 auxiliary (AUX), 4 groups(GROUP)
◆ Main channel L/R, grouping SUB, PFL monitoring and other bus signal distribution with buttons
◆ 100mm motor faders
◆ LCD color screen display, Bluetooth, MP3 playback
◆ 48V phantom power supply
◆ Monitor/Headphone output, recording input and playback output
◆ PAN audio and video control, Monitor, MUTE. signal distortion monitoring

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