■ 5 band EQ On Main Output
■ 99 DSP effects
■ USB player and Bluetooth
■ 48V phantom power supply
■ 4 MONO+1 Stereo input
■ 1 Aux sends+effect send
■ PAN,Channel switch, THD signal lamp.
■ Independent monitor function
■ The Built-in 2x200W power amplifier.
■ Support wireless microphone (optional)


The latest PT series mixer makes it easier for you to create more legendary music, podcasts, and videos.PT Mixer combines professional-grade analog components and built-in USB/Bluetooth audio connection.It can also be connected to laptops and computers using your favorite editing software.Whether you’re a singer-songwriter or a podcaster, the PT Mixer offers top-notch features so that your creative work can leave a deep impression.

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