■ 3 band EQ
■ 1 Aux sends
■ 45mm logarithmic fader
■ 99 DSP + digital display
■ USB/REC/SD card/Bluetooth
■ UHF wireless microphone x 2 + class D power amp
■ 5 band EQ On Main Output
■ 1 Stereo Output
■ 48V phantom power supply
■ 250W/8OHM,300W/8OHM
■ Mute +monitoring function
■ 19〞rack-mountalbe mixer,Unload the portable flight case, it can be operated directly on the cabinet.


Professional mixer with power amplifier + wireless microphone, provide stable and reliable performance, excellent sound quality and application recording activity,Excellent mixing effect, excellent power amplifier, to ensure the maximum energy efficiency and the least heat dissipation.Suitable for small and medium sized performances,Mobile performance, conference, karaoke room, multi-occasion application.

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