Over the years, AMIXS has developed a reputation for superior technology and continuous innovation. This technology and innovation runs through each of our products, with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, including a variety of channels and models, suitable for a variety of users and applications.Robust construction and flexible design enable sound shaping with the highest performance, sound quality and stability for installation, recording and live performance applications.


■ 8 channels mic input: 4 mono input+ 2 stereo input(1006UX)

■ 14 channels mic input: 6 mono input + 2 stereo input(1432UX)

■ 16 channels mic input: 8 mono input + 2 stereo input(1640UX)

■ 20 channels mic input: 12 mono input + stereo input(2040UX)

■ 2 stereo aux return input which helps connect other electronic devices(Except 1006UX)

■ One stereo aux return input which helps connect other electronic devices(1006UX)

■ Mono microphone balanced input with high-pass filter

■ With 99 kinds of built-in 24 bit dsp effector, two digital LED display(1006UX)

■ 32 kinds of built-in 24 bit dsp specification-adjustable dsp effector, two digital LED display(1432UX, 1640UX, 2040UX)

■ Convenient choice with one external USB for power supply.(Except 1006UX)

■ 4 channel stereo channel input(1432UX,1640UX, 2040UX)

■ Pan Localization, mute, signal distortion monitoring.

■ Monitor independent output, headphone monitor output

■ 1/2 channel built-in AGR high Ohm Hi-Z connector

■ USB play

■ The 48V phantom power supply.

■ Channel three parameters equalizer(high,mid,low), AUX, FX send

■ Built-in sound card connecting to computer or phone for recording or playing music

■ Distribution Button for bus line (main LR, Sub, solo)

■ 60mm highly-precise level attenuation fader

■ Built-in 90V/240V, 50-60Hz broadband power supply

■ Each channel with Comp function(1432UX)

■ Double 12 level monitoring(1640/2040)

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